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Podcast Episode #64 – The 8-Bit Symphony with Rob Hubbard and Chris Abbott

Chris Abbott and Rob Hubbard are at it again! This time, they’re working on the 8-Bit Symphony, a live concert featuring the Hull Philharmonic, celebrating the history of home computer gaming. They join AJ and Joerg for this special 64th episode to discuss bringing together this amazing project. (Interview starts at 22:27)

The old classic MP3 Player Winamp has been continued!

The old classic MP3 Player Winamp has been continued! It can be downloaded in the version 5.8 at! Now that winamp is continued, did you know that Scene World’s staff member nodepond did an interview with its programmer Justin Frankel 10 years ago? Way to go, Martin! #Winamp

Radio Paralax with new homepage!

German Radio Paralax announced in their news section that after 14 years there is a new homepage. The new homepages has now advantages like being responsive to mobile devices. As well as a new show sub-section and a new contact formular and many other things. Feel free to read more in their blog post (German) at: