Monthly Archives: October 2017

Recording of Chris Huelsbeck’s Coffee Klatisch Interview! (German)

Most of our readers and fans may be aware of the name Chris Huelsbeck, a real computer and video game magician! with legend soundtracks like the ones for Turrican II: The Final Fight, Giana Sisters, Katakis and many many more! A joined co-op between the arcade and pinball museum – Flipper- und Arcademuseum Seligenstadt and the Digital Retro Park invited…

Jon Hare’s sociable soccer available now as Early Access via Steam

The soccer computer games pioneer, creater of Sensible Soccer and Microprose Soccer finally released his latest action soccer game sociable soccer as Early Access via Steam: Learn also more about it in our podcast interview with him, listen to it at Enjoy! (News taken from Jon’s own facebook).’s blog writing about Atari 8 bit music conversations of C64 music by Rob Hubbard!’s blog writing about Atari 8 bit music conversations of C64 music by Rob Hubbard! Many retro gaming fans out there didn’t even know that Rob did that, and that the Atari 8 bit machines were capable of doing so well on SID tune conversions (especially the International Karate theme was just lovely transported to the Atari 8 bit platform!).…

Dr. Peter Kittel of Commodore Germany interviewed for Scene World Magazine

Another interview gem has just been released! English audio interview of Dr. Peter Kittel of Commodore Germany! Dr. Peter Kittel worked for Commodore in Germany back in the days, primarily on the business machines section of Commodore to support their users, but also was responsible for internationalization of manuals, type-wheel printers firmware, and so much more!