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Scene World Podcast Episode #51 – Digging Deeper with Tectoy’s Stefano Arnhold

Tectoy is the producer and distributor of Sega products in Brazil, credited with keeping the consoles popular in Brazil long after their discontinuation around the rest of the world. Andrew and Joerg welcome back Tectoy CEO Stefano Arnhold for a deeper dive into the unique legacy of this company and their 2017 edition of the Megadrive. Also, AJ and Joerg…

Joerg Droege aka Nafcom talking about C64 and games preservation with TwinGalaxies in an interview

Joerg Droege aka Nafcom was interviewed for @TwinGalaxies by Alex McCumbers, thanks to Jesse Collins for making it possible! His take on the topic C64 can be read here, containing a lot of information about preserving computer games and video games and its history included: C64 Mini Analyzed Plus Retro Gaming Discussion with Joerg Droege of Scene World