Monthly Archives: July 2017

Recording of the German Classic-Videogames LIVE! #85 – Scene News show available on YouTube now

The Classic-Videogames LIVE! #85 – Scene News shows included the following topics: Zelda – Breath of the Wild on the NES? ———————- New C64 motherboard: ———————– Ataribox , Emulation „Take 3526“ Action! ————– Amstrad CPC – Scrolling for the trash bin? Films and Series covering the topic video games: Sonic – Time Twisted – Fan Game…

Rocket Ranger Extended Collector´s Edition News

From the Cinemaware Retro Newsletter sent by Sven Voessing: Rocket Ranger Extended Collector´s Edition This project is now 80% finished. One major thing is, that we can now translate the game in every language you want. So if you want Rocket Ranger localized in your language, send me a mail. I would send you a .xls and instructions. Your translation…

Scene World Magazine Podcast Episode #35 – Reshoot R with Richard Loewenstein and Altraz

Scene World Magazine Podcast Episode #35 – Reshoot R with Richard Loewenstein and Altraz Richard Loewenstein and Altraz are currently working on Reshoot R, the follow-up to Richard’s 2016 game, Reshoot, for the Amiga. AJ and Joerg talk to them about developing for the Amiga, and the challenges they face in bringing new games to the market. There is…

20 Years of Evoke Interviews

The demoscene-party Evoke celebrates its 20 anniversary in 2017. This is why the orga-team members were asked for some nice little interviews ( One of the Scene World’s members “Nodepond”, who is organizing Evoke, gave a nice little interview as well (

C64 book reduced to £14.99

The Story of the Commodore 64 in pixels_ has now been reduced to £14.99. The book covers the history of the computer as well as featuring articles on the SID music chip by Andrew Fisher; Tape Loaders by Martyn Carroll and cartridges by Mat Allen and comes in at 268 pages in length.