The crowdfunding campaign #GoBolo took place from May 15 to June 30, 2017. It was aimed at saving the Bolo Museum’s collections. It’s been a success!

Beyond the amount itself, what really touch us is the enthusiasm people showed during this campaign. The activity on the social networks was intense and the media coverage excellent. It’s a sign that our work is appreciated, but also a sign of support for the safeguarding of computer heritage in general. And that’s fantastic.

This campaign was only one step. We have great plans for the future around the creation of a larger, professional museum, which will tell the adventure of the digital world to a wide audience. We have a lot of contacts and a lot of ideas, but this takes time. So the search for money continues and the website stays online, with the goal set at CHF/USD 200,000 to enable us to pay the storage room for 5 years. Keep talking about it!

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