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Podcast Episode #64 – The 8-Bit Symphony with Rob Hubbard and Chris Abbott

Chris Abbott and Rob Hubbard are at it again! This time, they’re working on the 8-Bit Symphony, a live concert featuring the Hull Philharmonic, celebrating the history of home computer gaming. They join AJ and Joerg for this special 64th episode to discuss bringing together this amazing project. (Interview starts at 22:27) https://scene.world/8bitsymphony

New Series announced featuring music of 8 bit musicians Andrew Wright, Matt Gray, Rob Hubbard, Martin Galway and many more.

Sent by Andrew Wright (aka The Moog) via email: Immediate Release: 15th August 2017 Belushi’s Toilet Season 1 Out Now With the legalization of drugs being a hot topic right now, this newly released sci-fi original series considers the “not so distant future”, where recreational drugs have become socially accepted and commercialized. A group of friends risk their relationships and…