Stephan Venker posted in various retro and adventure Facebook group that “Return of the Tentacle” – the fan-made sequel to “Day of the Tentacle” was released.

He writes:

“It’s finally here!! 🙂 “Return of the Tentacle” – the fan-made sequel to “Day of the Tentacle”.
It’s been in the works for many years! A highly professional, meticulously created and incredibly polished point & click adventure. Free to download from, with a template that lets you print your own big box, with the official soundtrack (by David Schornstheim, who re-worked the music of the original and enhanced, embellished, expanded it and turned it into something completely new and terrific)!

The game has full English voice acting and full German voice acting, both of which are amazing, if you ask me, personally.

And don’t be fooled by the word “Prologue” in the title. (It’s no 20-hour game, but it’s of quite decent length, if you ask me.)

You can download it for free (and DRM-free) here:
(Download link at the bottom of the page!)

Spread the word, share it with your friends, relatives, acquaintances, pets, parents, teachers and doctors.

I’m (finally!!) off to the Edison mansion again – don’t wait for me for dinner! “

Its homepage is which interestingly doesn’t contain a section for downloads (for this check the page in his message above).

By the way: Our friends interviewed both, Ron Gilbert and David Fox in their podcast in the past:

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