How do you buy C64 disks in this time and age? With warranty, of course!

While our new unused disks in practical plastic boxes (that we introduced a couple of weeks ago) are great, they are also very heavy in the robust plastic box. Not good for international orders or high volume orders.

Therefore we now also have brand new disks with the plastic boxes optional.
The disks are from the high quality manufacturer KAO and are all still factory sealed.

At their time, KAO was so confident in their quality that they gave a full replacement warranty for the disks.

Well, that is exactly what we offer you now as well.
Any disks that are not 100% working will be replaced by Protovision at no additional cost (only shipping if you do not order anything else)!

The same goes for the boeder disks, even for those who have ordered before we introduced this warranty!

We also have 3,5″ disks for CMD FD users now.
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