From the Cinemaware Retro Newsletter:

“After a long time of development the shipping of Rocket Ranger, Wings:RE (Amiga) has been started. Also the latest orders will be shipped now. After the last weeks of development i have to finalize the Boxes for the Amiga32-Event. After this weeks and months i need bit time to recover. The next step is to move the shop and also the distribution to an external team. With many projects in the pipeline source the package and delivery to an external partner so i can concetrate complete to development. The good news is that the order and shipping process will now runs faster. Also there will be no “pre-Order” anymore. The next project needs no pre-order anymore and will be shipped after order.

On the other hand, the prices will rise. The reason is that the new shop is located in germany and because of our tax system we have to raise the prices. instead of 44.95 US Dollar it will be 45 Euro (around 53 USD).

So if you still want to order our games for the “old” price, you have your chance till monday.

After monday, the link will send you to the new shop.

Thanks again for your great support and patience.


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