Title: LuftrauserZ Developer: Paul Koller
Publishers: RGCD.DEV Ltd, Vlambeer
Available For: Commodore 64/128/GS
Compatibility Notes: PAL Only
Launch Price: $4.99 (Digital Download) / £40 (Commodore 64/128 Cartridge)
Release Date: 8th December 2017

The skies will be set aflame and the seas will overflow with wreckage in Vlambeer’s stylish arcade shooter LUFTRAUSERZ!

Select from over 125 combinations of weapons, bodies, and propulsion systems and take to the skies to battle enemy fighter planes, battleships, and rival aces for glory, honour, and high scores. Bravely volunteer for one of over 60 daring missions to unlock new Rauser combinations and become the most legendary Rauser pilot of all time!

LUFTRAUSERZ is an official conversion of the 2014 indie classic LUFTRAUSERS for the C64 computer, developed by Commodore enthusiast Paul Koller and published on cartridge by Vlambeer and RGCD.

Exclusive to C64 cartridge, LUFTRAUSERZ drop-kicks your Commodore 64 into the 21st century with its hyper-aggressive, arcade-style gameplay, fluid 50FPS 8-way scrolling and endless waves of enemy fighters to blast out of the sepia-coloured skies!


* Four THOUSAND unique player sprite frames stored in ROM (a C64 world record?!)
* Endless waves of enemies and MEGA HUGE BLIMPS to destroy!
* Smooth as silk 8-way scrolling, 50FPS arcade action!
* Automatic score loading/saving to internal flash memory! (Physical cartridge version only)
* Unlockable cutscenes and full game statistics!
* Multiple heavyweight SID tracks by Stein Pedersen!

Note: LuftrauserZ is a PAL ONLY game. It will NOT run on NTSC Commodore 64 systems.


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