Update: Feb 4th, 2018: There is a detailed discussion about this on the Donkey Forum (Thanks to Twitter user @5ickan for the hint!)

After TwinGalaxies banned Todd Rogers from the hiscore list, now they are on researching whether Donkey Kong pro player and “perfect Pac-Man” player “Billy Mitchell” is also involved in cheating. as Twin Galaxies’ editorial team reported yesterday in a press release. Billy Mitchell was one of the many starring actors on egaming documentary movie “The King of Kong – a Fistful of quarters”.

Our friends from the Scene World Magazine had the pleasure to interview the following old guard of TwinGalaxies and pro players in the following interviews including stories of TwinGalaxies, egaming and Donkey Kong:

(Article image by Nintenderos)


Video interview with Twin Galaxies founder Walter Day

Video Interview with egamer and former Donkey Kong record holder Billy Mitchell

Video interview with egamer and current record holder in Donkey Kong Hank Chien

Video interview with Alexis N. the movie director of the shortmovie portraying the record chase for Donkey Kong of Hank Chien

Audio Interview with Steve Wiebe, former Donkey Kong record holder.

Video interview with former arcade owner Cary Chaney

Video interview with Richie “The King Of The Arcades” Knucklez

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