First Glimpse At Sam’s Journey Cardboard Box

Protovision have just released the first pictures of their cardboard box for our upcoming C64 platformer Sam’s Journey – and it looks awesome! Our friends at Protovision received the first batch of decorated cardboard boxes for Sam’s Journey from the manufactory. Every single box is a unique piece of handcraft. Two high-quality printed sheets are wrapped around the front and…

20 Years of Evoke Interviews

The demoscene-party Evoke celebrates its 20 anniversary in 2017. This is why the orga-team members were asked for some nice little interviews ( One of the Scene World’s members “Nodepond”, who is organizing Evoke, gave a nice little interview as well (

C64 book reduced to £14.99

The Story of the Commodore 64 in pixels_ has now been reduced to £14.99. The book covers the history of the computer as well as featuring articles on the SID music chip by Andrew Fisher; Tape Loaders by Martyn Carroll and cartridges by Mat Allen and comes in at 268 pages in length.

Project Sidologie Double Vinyl now in production

SID, meet Jean-Michel Jarre… on vinyl. A rare double vinyl of Jarre-inspired C64 mixes from musician Marcel Donné called “Project Sidologie: Revolutions” has now been confirmed as heading to the factory for the pressing of the only 250 copies that will exist. It’s a double gatefold album in heavy vinyl with two full-size art inserts, and the sound was vinyl-optimized…