Update #35 from Jeroen Tel on Indiegogo:

“Bonustrack: Hawkeye Highscore! (Teaser)
Hey guys and galls!

I take this moment to update you with the preview of one of the bonus tracks:

Hawkeye Highscore! 🙂

This was always one of my personal favorites and I felt it was the most accomplished short tune I composed for a Commodore 64 game.

I composed it at age 14 in 1986. Published by Thalamus in 1987. The game was developed by my friends the Boys Without Brains (BWB).

I got reminded to remake this tune a lot in the many years passing since. When my friend and producer of many years, Joe Bonar, reminded me of it recently, I decided to drop working on all the other songs for a while and work on this one non-stop.

Enjoy the preview! 🙂

One More thing: I have been warned privately about spoiler alerts, by uploading entire length previews… but… PLEASE let me know in a comment if you rather have the entire tracks/tunes/songs in full length previews or would it be nicer to you, to only put up teasers in order to make the surprise effect of the entire album higher?

It would be nice to hear from all of you regarding that! <3

Thanks, people!
I will Tel You More soon! 😉

<3 (bro-hugs)
(Play it LOUD!)


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