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Scene World Magazine’s report about Gamescom

Scene World wrote: “Scene World @ Gamescom 2018 from a Retro lover point of view Since 2014, Scene World is part of the Retro Area @ Gamescom, so here is our yearly report. As a blog post (and later in the C64 and Amiga versions of our diskamg as well!)” Read the report at: https://sceneworld.org/blog/2018/09/05/scene-world-gamescom-2018-from-a-retro-lover-point-of-view/

Vandalism News #67 released

Spread across 5 sides of pure 8-bit eye and ear candy! Featuring: – Vandalism News unveils the CSDb Plain PetSCII results! – Who is hot and who is not? The latest news, best demo reviews and most recent charts inside! – CSDb; Perff the founding father talks about what became one of the main pillars of today’s C64 scene! –…