Spread across 5 sides of pure 8-bit eye and ear candy!


– Vandalism News unveils the CSDb Plain PetSCII results!
– Who is hot and who is not? The latest news, best demo
reviews and most recent charts inside!
– CSDb; Perff the founding father talks about what became
one of the main pillars of today’s C64 scene!
– Interviews: we go one on one with Flex, Ant Stiller and Shine
– Partyzone lookback at 2017: reporting exclusively from
Revision, Nordlicht, Gubbdata, Radwar, Zoo and
Datastorm Winter & Summer!
– Backstage: Bob/Censor Design gives an insight on the
challenges of making Censor Design demos!
– Hitmen in trouble: how a group got split up!
– World-record: making 13.6kHz unlimited channels 8-bit
sample looper on the C64!
– The Market – Games & Hardware: the most comprehensive
list with exclusive commentary.
– 10 exclusive SID tracks inside! Bop your head to Wiklund, Psycho8580+Jammer, LMan,
Magnar, 6R6, Hein, Stinsen, ZZAP69, V0yager and No-XS!
– Intro done by Offence featuring Jeroen Tel with 8 speed sid music!
– And much, much more inside!

Download it: http://csdb.dk/release/?id=160588
or from Pouet: http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=72455

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