Jens Schoenfeld announced yesterday in the the cone-cores mailing list, that the Commodore One assets are on sale:


since I’m the one who pays for all this (and who had all the losses of
the C-One project), I have to say that C-One support has long ended, and
iComp’s developers have moved on. There is no money to be made any more
on the C-One, and I am not willing to file any more losses.

That said, the remainders of the C-One project are for sale in bulk.
This includes the very first prototype that Jeri made, empty boards,
defective boards, enough parts for more FPGA extenders (minus the FPGAs)
and the special mechanical parts like PCI slots, ports and stuff.


Jens Sch√∂nfeld”

(Image taken from Wikipedia)

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